Our Capabilities

“ We are not just suppliers, we are manufacturing experts”

Every material has a unique story to tell.

Our Capabilities

At Wood Couture we are not just suppliers we are your partners. We adopt a 360° approach that allows us to see custom furniture projects from every facet and be part of the project journey from start until completion.Our approach leverages technological innovation and supporting talented people to pursue their ideas. The helm of this approach are our expert leaders who steer the company, guided by their extensive experience in all areas of hospitality. With over 30 years of experience, 28 workshops, over 45,000 units delivered and over 100 completed luxury projects worldwide, we are Wood Couture.

Our purpose

At the core of our organization is true passion for quality captured in end-to-end quality management system.

We have extensive experience in hospitality and protect hotel operators’ brand standards by being familiar with industry-wide  requirements.

All made possible by a team driven by innovation, technology, and deep experience in project dynamics.

Our Process

  • Project

    • Project Kick off
    • Central of Control to predict all facets of the project and ensure a smooth journey.
    • Category Analysis
    • Project & Lead time Analysis
  • Product

    • Shop Drawings
    • Material Submittals
    • Samples Submission
    • Pre-production of
      Prototype for MUR
  • Production &
    Quality Control

    • Progress Report
    • Mock-up Prototyping
    • Mass Production
    • Prototype Inspection
    • Quality Assurance & Quality Control Inspection
  • Packaging
    & Delivery

    • Custom Shipping Boxes
    • Shockproof Labels
    • Unboxing Instructions
    • Logistic (Sea & Air)
    • Custom Duties & Clearance
    • Local Transportation
  • Handover
    & Maintenance

    • Sign Off
    • Maintenance & Cleaning Manual
    • Warranties
    • Certificates
    • FR Certificate
    • Furniture Shop Drawings
    • Cleaning Manual

Project Planning

A well-developed system is essential to successful implementation. That is why, at Wood Couture, visualizing the entirety of each manufacturing project at the very beginning allows us to foresee any potential issues and identify areas of optimization. To support this, we take extra steps towards the BOQ, where other furniture and hotel accessories suppliers do not. The WdCo Project Control Deck is the backbone of any custom furniture project.
Project Planning

Product Development

Every item or piece of furniture produced in our factories comes from a designer’s vision. Our collaborative approach with the designer, combined with our in-house software, allows real time design and structural adjustments to custom furniture, artwork and hotel room accessories. The level of detail in our 3D models show finishing and fabric choices displayed and any challenge on the item’s structural elements in a highly realistic view. This exercise means any issues are easily visualised, approved and actioned immediately – minimising expensive and time-consuming changes in the prototyping phase.
Product Development

Production & Quality Control

With decades in the business,  we have built a  vast network of contractors in Asia, helping us understand what makes a qualified manufacturing facility. Alongside our factory’s asset capabilities, our technical team creates a comprehensive production manual for workers in the fabrication process. Constant communication through our custom collaboration software allows us to oversee the implementation of
manual instructions and resolve issues in real-time.
Production & Quality Control

Packaging & Delivery

We go beyond what other top  furniture manufacturers do, even post-production. We follow a strict process of packaging to protect each item from the risk of damage in transit. Related parts and items are bundled together to follow an efficient unpacking sequence on-site by floor or area, reducing the risk of things getting misplaced or moved unnecessarily.
Each package includes a chip label to monitor the state of the item during shipment. A shock indicator can flag when a box has suffered an impact that exceeds a tolerable level, allowing response and remediation to be underway without waiting for unboxing to reveal possible damage.
Packaging & Delivery

Handover & Maintanence

Our work doesn’t end after delivery. Should the client, have special requests, we will find solutions that fit the reality of each hospitality furniture piece and setting. We help extend the product’s life cycle to maintain the look and feel over the years and assist in keeping consistent with hotel brand standards.
Handover & Maintanence

FF&E Demand Index Report

Wood Couture has crafted a FF&E (Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment) Global Data Analytics Report. First of it's kind Market demand index report capturing data on the market potential of the hospitality FF&E


Over the years, Wood Couture has continued to flourish at an exciting pace. As we grow and evolve as a team, so does our vision for the future. Together, we have gained valuable insight on the power of tackling any situation head-on as a team – and this playbook you hold in your hands serves as a testament to this achievement. As the climate change agenda continues to take centre stage, a growing number of leaders from the public and private sectors have pledged support for climate action. Thus, we at Wood Couture must do our part as well.

In early 2020, we assembled a group to look into how we as a team can become more sustainable – not only environmentally, but also socially as a corporation and in the policies that we implement. It is through this process that we discovered how we can become trailblazers by using our voice and unique talents for the betterment of our team and Wood Couture. We aim to be responsible to ourselves, our team and our community-at-large whilst creating new value as a business in whatever actions and decisions we make.
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FF&E Demand Index Report